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Assessing PD Severity & Progression

Novel Study Designs

Collaboration Between MD-ND-PhD

Non-Dietary Sources of Nutrition

Should we be Snorting Glutathione?

Who Among Us is Lithium Deficient?

Daily Choices that Contribute to Neurodegeneration & Protection




Mar 2: Is PD a Metabolic Disease with Neurological Consequences? (Santa Cruz, CA, USA) 

Mar 28: Portland Research Symposium, Nutrition in Parkinsonism (Portland, OR) 

Mar 30: APDA Research Symposium: The History & Limitations of Evidence-Based Research (Lynnwood, WA, USA) 

Apr 10: Parkinson's Eve: Nutritional Considerations (London, England) 

Apr 11: Basal Ganglia Coterie, Patient-Reported Outcomes, Pragmatic Study Designs, & Comparative Effectiveness Research

Apr 13: HOPE Conference: Is It Possible to Influence the Rate of Progression? (Tacoma, WA, USA)

May 7: APDA: Things Everyone Should be Told on the Day of Diagnosis (Bremerton, WA, USA) 

World Parkinson Congress (WPC), (Kyoto, Japan) 
Jun 4: WPC: Tips and tricks for living with Parkinson’s that go beyond medication, Nutrition and constipation
Jun 5: WPC: The microbiome and diet in Parkinson's disease: Is there any evidence that nutrients modify PD?
Jun 6: WPC Round Table: Is there any evidence that nutrients modify PD? Jun 7: WPC Co-Chair: The ins and outs of eating and Parkinson’s disease 

Parkinson's Disease Summer School @ Bastyr University (Kenmore, WA, USA)
July 13-14: Integrative Management of Parkinson's Disease - Provider Training Part 1 
 Aug 10-11: Integrative Management of Parkinson's Disease - Provider Training Part 2 
 Aug 18-23: Bastyr University: PD Summer School 

Nov 3: Sparks of Life: 

1-day Nutrition Seminar with Labs 

Palisades, NY, 10964 

PD Summer School


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