2018 Lecture Schedule

Is Parkinson's Reversal Possible?

Jan 12 - Everett, WA, USA

PD in the 21st Century: A Science & Lifestyle Based Approach

Feb 16- Hilo, Hawaii, USA

The Role of Integrative Medicine on Symptom Management

April 12 - Orlando, Florida, USA

Join us for the 2018 Brain & Beyond Conference as we seek to educate, empower and equip patients, caregivers and family members with news on the latest trends in managing Parkinson's symptoms and improving quality of life. Open to the public.

The Patient’s Role in Disease Progression & Reversal

April 14 - Atlanta, Georgia

Join us for the Living Well with Parkinson’s event!

Is Cannabis Effective for PD Tremor & Sleep?

May 9-11 - Union, WA

2018 Annual Basal Ganglia Coterie

An annual gathering of the Pacific NW providers exchanging information to improve collaboration. This meeting in not open to the public. 

Nutrition Research for PD: What Does the Data Say?

May 27-29 - Scotsdale, Arizona, USA

Parkinson Wellness Recovery | PWR! has invited me to speak at their annual retreat.

Sep 22 - Sacramento, California, USA

Food for Thought: The Role of Diet in PD