Medical Care

Seattle Integrative Medicine


Individualized, personalized care for People with Parkinsonism (PwP).

Nutritional Biomarkers

Diet & Exercise Counseling 

Strategies for Neuroplasticity

Natural & Pharmaceutical Dopamine Replacement

Naturopathic Neurology


Naturopathic Medicine is based on philosophical principles. E.g.,

   Docere : Doctor as teacher

Naturopathic medicine is ecclectic, patient-centered, and integrative. Science-based lifestyle counseling occurs at every visit. 

Group Medical Visits


Everyone in the room has, or is the guest of, someone with parkinsonism. You must be an established patient at Seattle Integrative Medicine and have completed the PD Panel.

Dates & Times


Group Medical Visits will be held in the auditorium of Bastyr University, Kenmore, WA, USA. 

Jan 27- Using Biomarkers to Treat PD

May - Gut Bugs, Assessing Gut Helath



Group Medical Visits 

are held in the auditorium of 

Bastyr University in 

Kenmore, WA, USA. 

PD Panel of Labs


Dr. Mischley uses patient biomarkers to inform her treatment recommendations. All patients are encouraged to have the entire PD Panel of Labs (urine, blood, hair) one month prior to their scheduled appointment.