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Goal— Reduce Your Score


Measuring the Burden of Disease

The PRO-PD was created because other scales do not permit this type of analysis. The PRO-PD is a patient-centered, continuous measure of disease severity that is stratifiable by symptom and correlates with quality of life and existing scales for PD severity (e.g. UPDRS, HY).[Mischley LK, 2017]  Lower Scores are Better.

We surveyed over a thousand indiviuduals with PD and asked them to describe their symptoms. The most common symptoms were fatigue, impaired handwriting, loss of smell, memory impairment, and muscle pain. 


Know your PRO-PD Score

Disease modification is only possible if we have a way of measure it. The symptoms of parkinsonism come on slowly, the fluctuate, and are often vague and difficult to rate.

Reversal= PRO-PD Score goes down, negative slope.

Stabilization: PRO-PD Score unchanged.

Progression: PRO-PD Score increases over time.


Apps to Track PRO-PD

* Coming Soon.